Individual & Ethical Ceramics

'My intention, in both the process of creating the work and the work itself, is to combine bodily and earthly components with spiritual elements to feed the soul'

I use only locally sourced materials in an ethical manor to create my Pit Fired and Raku ceramics and stoneware utilitarian pieces. 

Pit Fired Ceramics

These pieces are fired by the ancient method of Pit Firing. Once created by hand, the prepared work is fired in a pit in the ground. Organic materials are added to the pit such as bananas, seaweed, pine cones. Each of these materials create a different coloured smoke when burnt - this coloured smoke goes into the surface of the porous clay creating a completely unique patina. 

All materials are locally sourced.


These pieces are each entirely unique, glazed stoneware ceramics created by hand, using the Raku process. The pieces are taken from the gas kiln when they are red hot and placed in a reduction chamber. The temperature shock causes the glazes to crackle and carbon enters the cracks -giving the work it's distinctive Raku appearance.  

All materials are locally sourced. 


I create a range of utilitarian stoneware ceramic pieces for the home. Perfect for a unique present.

The range includes Yarn bowls, Garlic jars, Berry bowls & Salt cellars and are individually handmade being thrown on a potters wheel.  The brown local Cornish clay sits comfortably with the subtle white glaze and would fit in happily with any home style. Each piece has a character of it's own.